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Middleborough Chapter Order of DeMolay

Here are some pics of the best looking chapter in Massachusetts!! Well ok, but at least we know how to have fun!

Massachusetts DeMolay Rallies For America

Members of Middleborough Chapter along with other members of Mass. DeMolay, and the Exectutive Officer Dad Jelalian pose for a picture at the Shriners Auditorium before the Parade of Flags Ceremony


Bro. Eric Kierstead works at the Stephen D. Kelley Conseravation area, cleaning up along the riverside.


Alan Lowe of Middleborough Chapter poses for a picture with Kendra O'Toole Chapter Sweetheart of Old Colony Chapter at the Massachusetts DeMolay Annual Sweetheart Ball held on April 20, 2002


Middleborough Chapter members pose in front of the sign dedicated to Middleborough Chapter Order of DeMolay at the Stephen D. Kelley Conservation in Lakeville, MA.


Bro. Tim Blanchard comes up with a net full of Herring at the Middleborough Herring Run as Bro. Jon Pollit looks on.

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